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At The Mejia Law Firm, we believe in fighting for people when they’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence. We understand the devastating tolls of serious accidents and how they affect entire families. We also know how an experienced personal injury lawyer can make a significant difference in someone’s case and future.

We’re proud to have an office in Houston, and to be a part of this community. We aim to provide people with compassionate and premier legal services.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, premises liability accident, or a work accident, you deserve to have reliable representation you can turn to. When you’re looking for legal options, The Mejia Law Firm is here for you. We’ll stand up for you and fight for the compensation you deserve. We will protect your rights.

We have experience in many different types of practice areas of personal injury law, which are all on our website. Contact us today so we can go over your eligibility for a case and the ways that you can move forward.

The Mejia Law Firm is dedicated to serve the residents of Houston and those in Texas. When you need help regarding a legal matter, we’re here for you. The first consultation you have with us is obligation-free, meaning it comes at no cost to you.

As we answer your questions, go over your rights, and explain the legal process, you’ll be able to make a fully-informed decision of how you want to proceed. If you decide to take the next step, The Mejia Law Firm will be with you every step of the way.

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Types of Arm Injuries from a Car Accident

Car accidents can jolt, crash, crush, or otherwise damage various body parts of those involved. Drivers often experience injuries to their arms as impacts occur while their arms are extended in the driving position, gripping a steering wheel. Though differently positioned, passengers can also sustain serious car accident injuries. Along with significant pain, arm injuries […]

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The Role of the “Black Box” in Trucking Accidents

A truck’s black box can provide critical information about the driver’s actions before a Texas truck accident occurs. Truck accidents are some of the most challenging wrecks in determining responsibility, and black box information can significantly impact the damages an injured driver may recover. The injured party is responsible for proving how a truck driver’s […]

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Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Car Accident?

In Texas, fault determines whose insurance is going to pay for a car accident. Being found at fault also affects the ability to recover compensation if you are injured. Insurance companies will fight hard on this issue to limit what they must pay for claims as much as possible. In multi-car accidents, the fault may […]

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