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William E. Mejia – Founding Attorney

William E. Mejia was born and raised in Eagle Pass, Texas, located right on the border of Texas and Mexico. He graduated from Baylor University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication and a Masters of Science in Education Sports Management. During his tenure at Baylor University, Will served on the Baylor Debate team, clerked for a prominent criminal litigation firm, and worked as an equipment manager and graduate assistant for the Baylor football program. Will subsequently obtained his law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 2008. During law school, Will clerked for the Rice University Athletic Department, where he worked to develop and implement athletic compliance protocols for all Rice University sports. As an upper-level law student, Will clerked for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, served as Vice-President of the Hispanic Law Student Association, and held a board position on the Sport and Entertainment Law Society.

William E. Mejia

In 2010, Will joined the Harris County District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor. He served 10 years as a prosecutor and reached the pinnacle rank of District Court Chief prosecutor, a distinct honor that had only been held by six prior Latino prosecutors in the history of the office. Will has tried more than 40 jury trials in felony and misdemeanor courts in Houston. He has also supervised and aided in countless trials during his career. He has investigated and prosecuted thousands of criminal cases, which included the crimes of driving while intoxicated, intoxication manslaughter, felony theft, fraud, consumer fraud, domestic violence assault, aggravated robbery, adult sexual assault, child sexual assault, and murder. Through his hard work and dedication, Will has sought justice for thousands of victims. He conducted office training for prosecutors as Misdemeanor Deputy Chief and District Court Chief and served as a faculty advisor for the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association Trial Skills Course. Will is also on the board of the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Counsel.

Will has been a keynote speaker for local causes educating the public on consumer fraud, criminal litigation, and citizen safety, and has participated as a guest speaker at multiple local Houston ISD career fairs. While at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Will served as the Spanish media liaison and conducted Spanish interviews on print, radio and live television.

Outside of work, Will is active in the community and enjoys volunteering his time for various causes. He is an adjunct professor at Thurgood Marshall School of Law teaching Trial Advocacy.

Will is passionate about helping injured individuals and their families. Will currently handles all aspects of civil and criminal litigation. Will is licensed to practice in Texas and is fully bilingual.

Will enjoys spending time with his family; he also enjoys reading, traveling, cooking and eating barbeque.

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