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The United States civil justice system exists to protect us. Drivers have a legal responsibility to follow the rules of the road and not drive recklessly. Doctors have a legal duty to provide care to the best of their abilities. Companies must prioritize safe products, equipment, and buildings. If you’ve been seriously injured in Texas due to a person or company that failed to follow these responsibilities, a Houston personal injury lawyer from The Mejia Law Firm can help you get justice.

Our attorneys understand Texas laws and the opposition. We aren’t afraid to go up against insurance companies that may do everything they can to give an accident victim less compensation than they deserve. Insurers often use unfair tactics to protect their profit margins. We know how to stop those tactics and get our clients the money their family needs.

By filing a personal injury lawsuit against a reckless or negligent driver, trucking agency, professional, individual, or company, you may be able to receive compensation that can go toward your medical bills, cover lost wages, and provide financial relief for the pain and suffering no one should have to endure. This compensation won’t erase a tragic event, but it can provide peace of mind. A successful lawsuit deters the negligent party from harming anyone else in the same way.

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

To qualify for filing a lawsuit, you and your personal injury lawyer will need to prove that your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence. Essentially, you will need to prove that the actions which led to your injuries could have and should have been prevented had the other party acted reasonably. An attorney will compile evidence like photos, police reports, and documentation to prove that the incident could have been prevented and pair it with testimony from eyewitnesses and accident reconstruction experts. The added testimony helps prove the incident should have been prevented.

Putting all this information together and building a strong case can be incredibly complex. It’s crucial to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Your attorney must be willing to take a case to trial if necessary. At The Mejia Law Firm, we understand how the opposition operates in the courtroom and are prepared to go all the way to court if necessary to get you full and fair compensation.

We handle a wide variety of different types of injury claims—everything from auto accident claims to medical malpractice, slip and fall injury, motorcycle accident, work injuries, and more. We are also experienced in handling criminal defense claims.

To find out if you potentially have a claim, all you have to do is contact our Houston law office. We offer free consultations with zero obligation to all potential clients and are happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the merits of potential legal representation.

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Practice Areas

No two legal cases are the same. The Mejia Law Firm has experience in a wide variety of personal injury cases as well as criminal defense matters. We aren’t afraid to investigate every detail of a complex case to ensure justice is upheld. Below you’ll see just a fraction of the types of cases we may be able to help you with.

Why Choose Us?

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Will Mejia has tried over 40 jury trials in Texas. He served as a prosecutor for 10 years, investigated and prosecuted thousands of criminal cases, and supervised and aided in countless trials during his career. He has filed and handled hundreds of civil cases ranging from motor vehicle collisions to injuries sustained from catastrophic events.
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Our staff is available day or night to take your call and get started on your case. We are committed to our clients and make every effort possible to be available when you need us.
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Since we are a private practice law firm, we’re able to give every client 100% of our time and dedication. This lets us collect every bit of evidence that’s available and obtain testimony and gather eyewitnesses that other lawyers may not have the time to obtain.
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Will Mejia has courtroom experience at the highest level and understands how the opposite side thinks and operates during trial. This experience gives him an edge in all aspects of a case and helps him prepare for the unexpected, giving him a higher chance to succeed.
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The Mejia Law Firm practices in Houston because we want to be part of a city that embraces diversity. Since our family comes from different backgrounds, it’s vital for us to support communities that come from different backgrounds and speak different languages.
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If you choose to hire us for legal representation for a personal injury claim, you will be charged no upfront fees. All fees will come out of the settlement or verdict award, and if your personal injury case does not succeed, you owe us nothing.

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